The Most Used Tool in the Tool Box: Open End Wrenches

we are going to talk a little about the most used tool in your tool box, the wrench. Open end wrenches come in many different shapes and styles. Cars and tractors at one time actually shipped with a tool kit for fixing them.


This is the standard open end wrench.Some manufactures vary the head angle by a few degrees and they think re-invented the wheel. It is still an open end wrench. This is by far the most popular style of wrench on the market.


After saying things about a few degrees of angle. Change the angle a whole bunch and this wrench comes in real handy in tight situations.



Before the invention of the ratcheting box wrench, Craftsman came up with this ratcheting open ended wrench. It actually does work once you get the hang of it and do not try and apply too much torque.

Everyone will have a good set of wrenches in their toolbox.  Just about everyone should recognize the wrench on the bottom of this picture. This is a stamped wrench that often ships with die grinders . The wrench pictured on top is your standard forged thin wrench.


You can find all kinds of specialty open end wrenches. This one is a fuel line wrench. I am not even going to try and cover all of them on the market.


The wrench has to be on my list of tools that everyone needs to own. 

Post time: Jan-14-2021