Popular Engine Cylinder Compression Tester in United States


Popular Engine Cylinder Compression Tester in United States

Automotive tools have been designed to make automotive repairs, modifications and servicing easy, making them essential for use when working on vehicles. Without the right tools on hand, you will find it difficult to complete the tasks you need to perform without errors or delays.

Recommend some popular compression tester tools to you if you are focus on American market.

Popular Engine Cylinder Compression Tester in United States1

High quality auto repair tools petrol gasoline engine cylinder compression tester.
1. The tool set fit a side pressure relief valve for the quick resetting. It allow the tool can repeat test without disassembling.
2. It is suitable for most petrol engines on motorcycles and automotive vehicles.
3. The set can check the conditions of valves, piston rings, gaskets and cylinder heads.
4. It is easy to use and portable to carry.
5. The quick release and connect makes the tool can reach the obstructed plug ports easier.
6. For direct and indirect engines. Scale reads from 0-20bar, (0-290psi).

Dual scale gauge.

Extra heavy duty compression tester with all the necessary adaptors to suit motorcycles, cars, trucks.

For most petrol Engine vehicles including light commercials, tough 65mm rubber cased gauge, M14 & M18 fitting, 150mm hose, complete with five adaptors and two thread chasers covering four plug sizes, M10, M12, M14, M18 Adaptors, M10 x M12, M14 x M18 Thread chasers.

For use on engines with deep seated plug ports with difficult access.

Built-in pressure relief valve enables repeat tests without dismantling.

Post time: Oct-27-2023