Some simple basic car maintenance knowledge, master you are also an old driver depth!


Some simple basic car maintenance knowledge, master you are also an old driver depth!


Now many people have a car, may drive everyone is no problem, but about the car is broken need how to repair, we are not very understand, such as the car is ready to start but found that the engine can not start, this feeling is not very good. If we understand these reasons and understand some basic knowledge of car repair, we can solve the basic problems as soon as possible.

1.One cannot start

First of all, check whether the high-voltage line is wet because the car is wet, if so, you can dry the damp parts, and then start.

Secondly, check whether the spark plug is damaged, if it is damaged, just replace the new spark plug.

Third, check whether the battery voltage is sufficient. Sometimes, parking forgot to turn off the light, for a long time, it may run out of power. If so, hang the car in second gear, step on the clutch, drag the car (generally not recommended, it is best to find someone to push), when driving to a certain speed, loosen the clutch, twist the ignition switch (generally not recommended, should be in the ignition switch on before pushing), the car can start. If it's the generator, it won't work.

2.The steering wheel trembles at high speeds

The car is driving at a high speed or at a higher speed when the driving instability, swing head, and even the steering wheel shake, the reasons for this situation are as follows:

1) the front wheel positioning Angle is out of alignment, the front bundle is too large.

2)the front tire pressure is too low or the tire is unbalanced due to repair and other reasons.

3)the front spoke deformation or the number of tire bolts vary.

4)Loose installation of transmission system parts.

5)bending, power imbalance, front shaft deformation.

6) The fault occurs.

If the positioning bridge head is no problem, you can do the tire dynamic balance first

3.Three-turn heavy

There are many reasons for turning heavy, but there are usually the following:

First, the tire pressure is insufficient, especially the front wheel pressure is insufficient, and the steering will be more difficult.

Second, the power steering fluid is insufficient, need to add the power steering fluid.

Third, the front wheel positioning is not correct, need to be tested.

Running off on four

Check the deviation, generally when driving, straighten the steering wheel, and then let go of the steering wheel to see whether the car is going in a straight line. If you don't go straight, you miss.


First of all, the deviation may be caused by the inconsistency of the left and right tire pressure, and the insufficient tire needs to be inflated.


The second possibility is that the front wheel positioning is not correct. The front wheel camber Angle, kingpin Angle or kingpin internal Angle is not equal, the front bundle is too small or negative will cause deviation, must go to the professional maintenance station detection

Five car headlights are not tightly sealed

Because the headlights are not tightly sealed, it is easy to cause water when cleaning and raining, and when the temperature difference between the inside and outside is large, fog will be formed. At this time, it is best not to bake at high temperature, the material of the headlights is generally plastic, if the baking temperature is too high, it may cause the appearance of the headlights to soften and deform, affecting the use and beauty. In addition, the current headlights are generally integral, after the transparent lampshade, there will be a backplane to protect the lamp body, and high temperature baking will cause the adhesive glue between the two to melt, increasing the possibility of water in the headlights. In general, the water in the headlights can quickly evaporate under the sunlight during the day, if your headlights frequently appear water phenomenon, you should go to the service station to check the light body, to see if it is due to the collision caused by the headlights damage, resulting in frequent water.

Post time: Jan-16-2024